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Professional Advice

Our professional skilled staff is ready to provide you with a service to your complete satisfaction.

Full Transparency

We will work together in full cooperation under honesty and uncompromising directness. When needed we will inform and consult with you regarding any crucial decision.

Great Support

As our partner we guarantee you a full availability and direct response within one business day from the date of referral, In urgent cases you can always reach us in the phone.

About Us

Nio-innovations - a better way of distribution

Nio-Innovations is an Israeli company owned by Mr. Adi Jana. We established after realizing the need of companies all over the world to reach the Israeli consumer quickly and efficiently, while shortening processes and providing quality access to major distribution channels.

Why Israel?

Israel - a leading site of innovation

With a leading economy, a striking concentration of innovative people and countless cutting-edge technologies, Israel is the best place for your company to grow rapidly.

Game Plan

Before we set out we will plan what is the right way to embark on a journey. We will determine the key points that will lead us to achieve the goals we have set with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Family Matters

We may have disagreements but we will always respect each other. Will always remember that we act from good intentions, that disagreements are natural and important part of a growth process, Just like in a family.

Our Partners

These are some of our partners for success, contact us today and together, we will think
about your growth strategy through the Israeli market.